This Thanksgiving, we feel very grateful to the friends...
This Thanksgiving, we feel very grateful to the friends...
This Thanksgiving, we feel very grateful to the friends and supporters of Paso Pacífico. This year in particular, we are are thinking of our friend Karen Warren, who passed away one year ago. Karen's passion and interest was in the endangered Black-handed Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi). Through her and her sister's support, we built the Karen Warren and Susan White Spider Monkey Sanctuary & Education Center five years ago, and have since been able to provide humane care to spider monkeys rescued from the illegal pet trade. This center allows children the opportunity to observe and appreciate the agile and intelligent nature of spider monkeys, so that they might later support their protection in the wild.

Our spider monkey program is starting to make an impact. In recent months we have been analyzing the data that is collected by our forest rangers patrolling the forests. We are observing a marked increase in the spider monkey populations over the past four years. But the more spider monkeys there are, the more forest that is needed. Friends like Karen Warren and Susan White, along with generous program partners such as the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund are helping us to protect and study this species, to raise awareness and support for its conservation, and to help restore forests on behalf of this beautiful and threatened primate. 
This month, Ventana Monthly, a local lifestyle magazine in Ventura, California featured as the cover story, our Executive Director Sarah Otterstrom and her work at Paso Pacífico. The magazine reaches audiences throughout Ventura County, California where our U.S. office is based. The media coverage has helped to generate new donors and partners in this community. You may read the online story here.   

Paso Pacífico is so grateful to its many partners who strengthen and support our work. These include US and Nicaraguan government agencies, other international conservation NGOs, landowners and landowner associations, hotel and tourism operators, foundations, zoos, and student and scientific organizations.

Partner activities include joint sea turtle protection efforts, establishment of new private reserves, and scientific collaborations. Though the list is dynamic and growing, you can view most of our current partners here.

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Jarinton García is the new manager at the Karen Warren and Susan White Spider Monkey Sanctuary.
We got to know Jarinton as the son of our forest ranger Jose Felipe García. He is a quick study and thanks to his great grades at a rural high school, Jarinton was awarded a SEED scholarship through USAID. After two years studying natural resource management in Oregon, USA he is back home to Nicaragua.
We are thrilled to have Jarinton on our team, helping to care for the spider monkeys and providing educational opportunities to visiting children. 
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This month we are grateful to Cuban conservation scientist Maikel Cañizares (center) who volunteered his time to design and help build nest-boxes (pictured above) for the threatened Yellow-naped Amazon parrots. The purpose of these artificial nests are to increase nesting habitat for this bird that has suffered due to deforestation.
Maikel's visit was made possible by Loro Parque Fundacion which is also the primary funder of our parrot conservation program.
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