We are all learning about wildlife together. Over the past two years, many impressive mammals have been documented in the Paso del Istmo. These include jaguars and pumas caught on motion-detecting cameras, and also tapir, deer, and peccaries killed by hunters. Such wildlife sightings offer hope as we build a wildlife corridor connecting habitats between North and South America via the Pacific Slope. 
Unfortunately, our camera trap study also shows that prey species are not abundant. Our wildlife technician Marvin Chevez has begun meeting with farmers and ranchers in remote communities so that together they may review the range of mammal species in nearby forests and discuss ways to reduce the risk of livestock kills by large carnivores. In the coming months, a livestock management specialist will also provide technical assistance to farmers. 
Presently, carnivore specialists Miguel Ordeñana and Jeff Sikich are in the field, working to locate large predators and map their habitat ranges. This work is made possible by the US Forest Service - International Institute for Tropical Forestry, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Los Angeles Zoo
This month, the Chinese firm behind the Inter Oceanic Canal project held a press conference to announce their intended canal route. While many details about the project are still unknown, we do know that this canal will dissect the isthmus, and thus the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor. Experts on Lake Nicaragua and other scientists who are part of the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences have weighed in on the project. Their recent book on the project contains valuable insights and is available for download here
Over the past four years, the owners and employees of Three Parameters Plus, Inc. have brought smiles to dozens of underserved children from the village of Villas de Monterrey in Tola, Rivas. In addition to building a community center where the children can regularly receive nutritious meals, this company has helped uniform and equip the children at the start of each school year. Improving the general well-being of young people readies them to learn about environmental stewardship. Thanks to this partnership, we have held dozens of workshops on wildlife, forests, and watershed conservation. The students have visited sea turtle beaches, cleaned up waterways, and made field trips to nature reserves beyond their small community. They know to protect the endangered iguana that lives in their backyard, and they have proudly graduated from the Junior Ranger program.
As students and as environmental stewards, the future is bright for the children of Villas de Monterey. We are grateful to Cheryl Moody and the employees at Three Parameters Plus, Inc. for their generosity. 
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This rainy season we are fortunate to be joined by French Forestry student Ms. Jeanne Vandenbroucque. This young scientist is helping to monitor the success of tree seedlings which we planted as part of the reforestation project funded by the Man & Nature Foundation.
The data Jeanne collects will help determine the effectiveness of agroforestry techniques we are using to economically benefit farmers while also improving tree growth. Jeanne is passionate about tropical forests and the conservation of native wildlife. She especially enjoys meeting with the farmers who share valuable knowledge about native trees.
Thank you Jeanne for your enthusiasm and hard work!
When you sell items on EBay, follow these easy steps to designate a portion of your sales to Paso Pacífico.
Paso Pacífico’s Board of Directors recently gathered with staff in Nicaragua to dream big for conservation. They spent three days attending meetings and field trips. These professionals from a range of backgrounds give to Paso Pacifico their time and expertise.
During the retreat, the Board set new goals in the areas of science, education and conservation. Based on their direction, we will redouble our efforts to partner with farmers and ranchers, and will also seek out new opportunities to set up protected areas  in critical habitats.
We are grateful to the entire board for their service and their continuous work on behalf of the organization.
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