Edition: July 2011
Conservation in ACTION

Paso Pacífico's Director of Conservation Science, Dr. Kim Williams-Guillen, recently trained this group of Nicaraguan farmers in wildlife monitoring techniques. These men now form a team of forest rangers who work as protectors of forests and animals.

Using our community-based sea turtle ranger program as a model, Paso Pacífico has recently expanded its ranger program to support private reserves. These new rangers now monitor primates along permanent forest transects in order to conserve endangered spider monkeys in the Paso del Istmo biological corridor. This program was recently featured in Eco-Index's newsletter. Please consider helping to equip the Rangers by making a specified donation through our website.

In addition to putting more staff in the field, Paso Pacífico has also teamed up with private landowners to provide educational workshops to community members living near private reserves, such as at the Las Fincas Reserve. By involving local communities, Paso Pacífico seeks to ensure the future of its protection efforts in Nicaragua.

Paso Pacífico in the News

Paso Pacífico is pleased to announce that two photos of our work were selected as winners in the USAID's 2011 Frontlines Environmental Photo Contest! Taken by Nicaraguan artist Rodrigo Gonzales, the first shot depicts the piles of litter that volunteers faced during the 2010 International Coastal Cleanup and illustrates the need for reducing marine debris on Nicaragua's beaches.

We are also thrilled that nature photographer Jerry Bauer who represents our partner organization the US Forest Service International Institute of Tropical Forestry likewise had a winning photo. His stunning image is of an Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting at the La Flor Wildlife Refuge where Paso Pacífico works. Such powerful images puts the global importance of our efforts in perspective.

Partnerships make it possible

Proyecto TESÓN is a public-private effort spearheaded by Café Las Flores to clean up Nicaragua. The brainchild of Nicaraguan business leader Gian Marco Palazio, this project will ensure round-the-clock beach cleanups in the touristic city of San Juan del Sur, located at the heart of the Paso del Istmo conservation corridor. Paso Pacífico is partnering with Café Las Flores, the non-profit Comunidad Connect and other Nicaraguan companies to make this project possible.

The project consists of three permanent Ambassadors of the Environment who clean the coast and raise awareness about proper trash disposal and lead seminars for 300 local students on the importance of environmental stewardship. The project also involves the installation of state of the art trash and recycling bins in San Juan del Sur.

Powerful images of Tesoros de Nicaragua show the impact of this important work. Proyecto TESÓN is demonstrating how public-private partnerships can work to build a more pristine and sustainable Nicaragua.


Team member spotlight

Paso Pacifico has a devoted network of students who support our cause in creative ways. Students Amy Castrillo, Leyla Baltodano, Isabel Forbes and Ashley Hodgson from the Pierre and Marie Curie School in Managua, Nicaragua recently developed a science fair project which documented the abundance of spider monkeys in captivity across the capital city. Their project also highlighted the need to protect monkeys in the forest.

Paso Pacífico would like to thank the girls for building awareness and congratulate them on their Gold Medal Award!!

Paso Pacífico's partnership with SwipeGood now makes it easy to support our cause every day!

SwipeGood rounds up your daily credit card expenditures to the nearest dollar and donates the difference to us. YOU can make every purchase count for conservation!

Learn more and sign up HERE to do some good with your spare change!

Paso Pacífico would like to thank Dr. Ben Ruttenburg and David Kushner for their support for our marine conservation program in Nicaragua. Both volunteers already work in conservation: Ben for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and David as a marine biologist at Channel Islands National Park in California. In their spare time, they support us with their scientific expertise. Thanks Ben and David!

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