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Conservation in ACTION

When a critically endangered Leatherback turtle came ashore in Nicaragua earlier this month, the Paso Pacífico rangers rushed to protect her (video). They first measured the turtle for size and collected tissue samples for genetic analysis, then erased her tracks after ensuring that no poachers were nearby. These standard but important measures help Paso Pacífico scientists to study these ancient ocean creatures while preventing their extinction.

In order to protect sea turtles and other threatened wildlife, Paso Pacífico creates jobs so that local people see the benefits of conservation in their own backyard. Many collaborators help to make this protection possible, including the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA), the US Forest Service - International Institute for Tropical Forestry (USFS), the United States Agency for International Divelopment (USAID), and many individual donors like you.

Paso Pacífico in the News

Paso Pacifico needs you to VOTE online by February 2nd to qualify for funds and technical support for our program.

Paso Pacífico's Environmental Learning, Leadership, Adventure and Stewardship Program (ELLAS) is a finalist in the 2010 GeoTourism Challenge! This competition, which is sponsored by Ashoka's Changemakers, National Geographic and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), seeks innovative solutions for ocean and fresh-water destinations that serve to protect the environment as well as strengthen the local community. A prestigious panel of judges chose 12 finalists out of over 250 entries.

ELLAS aims to transform the La Flor coastal and marine protected area of Nicaragua into a geotourism destination by educating women as environmental entrepreneurs and building up children who will serve as future leaders. An economically vibrant and environmentally empowered community will protect the region from large-scale environmental degradation and enable a successful place-based tourism industry.

We ask you to VOTE ELLAS today and also please spread the word!

Partnerships make it possible

The endangered Black-handed Spider Monkey is locally extinct across most of western Nicaragua. Through a grant provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, International Affairs' Wildlife without Borders program we have begun a monitoring program to document primate populations and to provide employment to local farmers to protect Spider Monkeys at key private reserves across the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor.

Paso Pacífico will also be able to more effectively protect the Spider Monkey and other threatened wildlife thanks to a scholarship provided to our staff by the USFWS-International Programs, Wildlife Without Borders. This course is training our team in the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. These Standards teach us that our conservation efforts must include measurable objectives and employ strategies addressing the highest priority threats. This course is led by leading experts from the non-profit organization Foundations of Success. Paso Pacífico's is grateful to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for supporting our "conservation in practice".


Team member spotlight

Paso Pacífico ranger Jairo Coronado recently returned from Argentina, where he attended the VI Regional Course for Park Rangers of Latin America, representing Nicaragua among rangers from 16 other countries. We are proud of Jairo and grateful to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for making the course possible.

Help us to win the Nat Geo Geotourism Challenge! VOTE HERE by February 2nd!

Paso Pacífico's Environmental Learning, Leadership, Adventure, and Stewardship Initiative (ELLAS) will help make the La Flor Wildlife Refuge a world class geotourism destination. Website registration required to vote, but your effort will be well worth it. Please share the 2010 GeoTourism Challenge with Friends!

In 2009, Paso Pacífico's Executive Director Sarah Otterstrom made a Commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative to Advance Women as Environmental Leaders in Nicaragua. As we enter the second year of our Commitment, Paso Pacífico will contine to strengthen the role women in acting as stewards of their environment. We are especially thankful to partners such as the What is Missing? Foundation, The Loyal Bigelow And Jedediah Dewey Foundation, the USAID, Dr. Angela McCracken, and the US Forest Service-IITF. Together we are transforming environmental stewardship through the leadership of women!

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