Edition 1: August 2009
Conservation in ACTION

Conservation is not a spectator sport! Last month, two critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles came ashore near the La Flor Wildlife Refuge in Nicaragua. Paso Pacifico rangers prevented their nests from being raided by poachers and kept the 150 lb turtles hydrated while they awaited the arrival of turtle biologists from Proyecto Carey. The Paso Pacifico rangers, together with the biologists and officials from the Ministry of Environment, carefully fixed a satellite tracking device onto the turtles’ carapaces.

Dozens of children and community members arrived from the nearby fishing village of Ostional to give the turtles a warm send-off. The children showed confidence and pride as they gathered to select a name for one of the turtles, Brasilia. When it was time, the children formed two lines with linked arms, creating a path for the turtle to return to sea.

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Paso Pacífico in the News

The turtle tagging event last month was the first time any turtles along Nicaragua’s pacific had been tagged with a satellite transmitter. What made this particularly special was that two turtles were tagged, both critically endangered Hawksbill Sea turtles. This historic moment for conservation was captured as a front page news story of Nicaragua’s two main newspapers: El Nuevo Diario and La Prensa.

Other news organizations picked up the story, to read more news visit us HERE.

Partnerships make it possible

Seasonally tropical dry forests are one of the most endangered tropical ecosystems in the world. Fortunately, there are dedicated individuals who are willing to “bet the family farm” on conserving them. In 2001, Maria Jose Mejia and her late husband Silvio Mejia established the Domitila Private Reserve at the family’s century-old farm. They are now safeguarding one of Nicaragua’s oldest tropical dry forest areas. Since 2007, Paso Pacifico has had the great fortune to partner with Domitila Reserve. Together, we are working to plant native trees across an area of the farm that was once pasture. Read more about Domitila HERE.


Team member spotlight

Since Paso Pacifico’s inception, Julie Martinez has been heading up the Environmental Education program, visiting hundreds of students every month to take them on forest hikes and to teach them the wonders of our natural world.

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As a commercial airplane pilot, Kevin Roache knows the power of an aerial view. That is why he has logged thousands of miles to bring local people up in the air to see their forests and rivers from above. Kevin supports Paso Pacifico’s work by flying for the Costa Rica-based non-profit organization CAVU.

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