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Conservation & Sustainable Tourism

Biodiversity Field Guides
Lake Apanás
Guía de Aves Acuáticas de la Laguna Apanás
Download PDF of Field Guide
Tisey - Estanzuela
Guía de fauna de la Reserva Natural Tisey - Estanzuela 
Download PDF of Field Guide
Somoto Canyon National Monument
Guía de fauna del Monumento Nacional Cañón de Somoto
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North of the Paso del Istmo in the wooded highlands and misty mountains of Jinotega and Estelí, where people are still recovering from decades of war, we were pleased to partner with FHI360 and USAID on the Conservation & Sustainable Tourism Program.

In the spirit of FHI360's motto, "the science of improving lives," we worked with our partners to empower individuals and communities, improve natural resource management, and foster the creation of employment opportunities in and around national parks, private reserves, and other ecologically significant areas.



Our Role
Paso Pacífico's role in this Program was to provide biodiversity technical expertise. 

We identifyied Nicaragua's 103rd known bat species), creating field guides, and assessing regional biodiversity.

Our Contributions

  • cataloging the region's wildlife
  • creating biodiversity field guides for tourists in the region
  • working with farmers, ranchers, tour guides, and communities near priority watersheds
  • training people in wildfire mitigation, watershed restoration, reforestation, tree nursery development, meliponiculture, and biodiversity monitoring
  • establishing baseline measures for understanding the impacts of tourism and pollution on area ecosystems


  • Ornithological Survey
  • Large Mammal Survey
  • Entomological Survey
  • Herpetological Survey
  • Quetzal Population Surveys 
  • Quetzal Habitat Restoration 
  • Bat Survey  
  • Bat Conservation Education
  • Biodiversity Monitoring
  • Aquatic Migratory Bird Survey
  • Youth Bird Education
  • Watershed Analyses
  • Water Quality Workshops
  • Community Water Forum
  • Agroforestry Workshops
  • Native Tree Nursery Workshops 
  • Natural History Investigations 

Participating Communities

  • Jinotega  
  • Bluefields 
  • Tisey 
  • Apanas  
  • Dantali

While this partnership has officially come to an end, we look forward to continued cooperation with local community members as we learn from each other and share Nicaragua's natural beauty with committed eco-tourists. We appreciate the support of FHI360 and the assistance from the U.S. Government and the American people.

Read the bulletins on the Conservation & Sustainable Tourism Program website.

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