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Strengthening Communities

As one of the least developed countries in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti, Nicaragua has limited resources to protect its important and fragile ecosystems. By helping local communities to develop sustainable livelihoods, Paso Pacifico is enabling them to protect their natural resources.  Read more about Nicaragua's economic challenges.

As the tourism sector grows in Nicaragua, nature tourism has the potential to provide economic benefit to local communities while also supporting conservation efforts. Paso Pacífico has joined with diverse partners to provide guide training and support business development.  Beneficiary groups have included hostels and restaurants, all owned by members of the rural community.  Young adults from rural villages have received extensive nature and kayak guide training, and have harnessed these new skills to create their own eco-tour guiding company.                     

Agriculture is central to livelihoods across communities in the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor, and, if planned properly, these farms can be important centers for biological and genetic diversity.  Paso Pacifico supports farmers by providing training in organic farming methods, supporting the establishment of school gardens, and by providing the seeds and training to diversify crops.  Beneficiaries from programs in 2008-2009 have included over thirty local youth, twenty-five women, and fifteen farmers. These projects help to supplement household incomes and nutrition, while also working towards our conservation goals.   

By linking jobs with conservation, Paso Pacifico demonstrates to local people that the international community values these resources and the people who protect them.  From tree planting to wildlife monitoring, Paso Pacifico is careful to always hire local, providing hands-on training and a competitive wage.  Currently, ten local people are members of the Paso Pacifico conservation team. These include our Community Forester, Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinator, and eight outstanding Sea Turtle Rangers, many of whom were former poachers. 

Paso Pacifico has found that some of the most active and reliable participants in our conservation programs are often women.  Close involvement with children gives women the capacity to transfer their knowledge to the next generation, spreading a new energy and environmental ethic across Nicaraguan families.  During the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative, Paso Pacifico made a Commitment to empower women as environmental leaders and has been working towards that vision ever since.

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