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Meet Paso Pacfíco's Former Staff

Programs Assistant - Melissa Furlong 
Melissa is a devoted tree hugger passionate about writing and wildlife. She earned a BA beneath towering redwoods at UC Santa Cruz in Community Studies, with emphases on agriculture, international development, and social justice. As part of her degree program, she participated in a field study with Action Against Hunger in New York as an external relations specialist. She then moved on to work with numerous non-profits in a variety of fields, but has decided to get back to her conservationist roots by joining Paso Pacifico’s team.

Meet Paso Pacfíco's Former Interns

Robert Euwe 
As a Wildlife Studies student at Van Hall University in the Netherlands Robert followed his passion for understanding large carnivores to specialize in big cats and worked on projects studying leopards and South African lions. As an intern with Paso Pacífico in the south of Nicaragua, he worked on a jaguar and puma project to start assessing the presence of (and possibilities for) these big cats. During his six-month project, Robert helped ensure the future of big cats in Nicaragua by capturing the mythbusting jaguar who helped us build momentum for our Jaguar Conservation Initiative.


Anna Guasco 
As a Senior in high school from Ventura, California, Anna first heard of Paso Pacífico when Director Sarah Otterstrom spoke to her Sophomore chemistry class in 2010. Immediately entranced, Anna contacted Paso Pacífico and eventually started an internship working on a website project and writing. Anna is interested in exploring the field of environmental studies, and participated in U.C. Santa Barbara’s “School for Scientific Thought” program and U.C. Santa Cruz's COMOS summer science program. She recently founded "Ventura Eco-Renewal,” a student organization working to establish native plant gardens and to promote sustainability in the Ventura community.

Danny Merien 
As a Dutch student pursuing a Bachelor degree who has always had a passion for cold-blooded forest animal, Danny studied Animal Management, with a major in Wildlife Management at the Van Hall University in the Netherlands. In September 2009, Danny worked with the Paso Pacífico team on a project monitoring reptile and amphibian species in different areas of the Paso del Istmo.







Sarah Rudeen 
A novice globetrotter fascinated with the interaction between people, communities, and the natural world, Sarah graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies. During the summer of 2011, Sarah studied the relationship between ants, aphids, and floral resources in a community context at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory under scholarship from the National Science Foundation. In the summer of 2012, Sarah helped us develop a pilot program in rural communities on meliponiculture (managing native stingless bees). She also designed an art project for children to teach them about protecting sea turtles.

Daniel Sullivan 
Daniel graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2009 with a BS in Molecular/Cellular biology. He has done ecological research with Dr. Michael Mooring, studying American Bison in the San Hills of northern Nebraska. He spent two years working exclusively in the field with at the Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge in Valentine, Nebraska under the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Named the lead undergrad researcher, Daniel presented the groups findings at the West Coast Biological Conference in 2007 and 2008. After his university research concluded, Daniel accepted an internship on Capitol Hill, where he and worked closely with congressional introducing bills before the Natural Resource and Foreign Affairs committees. Upon graduation, Daniel volunteered at various health clinics and hospitals in Eastern Africa. He worked with Paso Pacífico as a policy writing intern.

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