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Paso Pacifico is in the news! Click on the articles below to read about just a few of Paso Pacifico's news-worthy accomplishments.

12/14/15 - Startling Discovery on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

12/8/15 - Unas 40,000 tortugas llegan este mes a La Flor

10/13/15 - Scientists and environmentalists unite to save turtles

10/5/15 - Ottawa couple hopes to save Nicaraguan dog with half a snout

10/5/15 - Ottawa vet wants to provide treatment for Nicaragua dog

9/28/15 - Embajadora de Estados Unidos saca basura de las costas de Casares

9/17/15 - How DSLR Cameras Are Capturing Stunning Camera Trap Photos

6/1/15 - June Edition - Nicas En El Exterior News

2/4/15 - Jaguar duo caught on camera in Nicaragua

1/12/15 Christmas Bird Count in the Paso del Istmo

11/1/14 Ventana Magazine: Mission Possible

1/5/14: "Pacific hawksbill turtle connectivity confirmed between Nicaragua and Costa Rica"

1/5/14: "Environmental authorities confirm precence of jaguar in San Juan del Sur"

10/10/13: "You'll never guess how biologists lure jaguars to camera traps"

9/29/13: "'TechKnow' tries to attract a jaguar using something they love- cologne"

11/20/12: "12 Miles of Paradise"

11/15/12: "Paso Pacífico Searches for the Elusive Jaguar" 

Nov-Dec/2012: "The Long Road to Freedom: Wildlife Trade Victims in Nicaragua Get a Second Chance" 

10/27/12: "Nicaragua's Southern Pacific Coast: 12 Miles of Paradise"

10/15/12: "Exploring Nicaragua's Southern Pacific Coast"

9/24/12: "12 Miles of Paradise: Exploring Nicaragua's Paso del Istmo"

12/01/10: "Protectors, Not Poachers"

7/16/10: “3,000 Miles South: Harmonizing Surfing and Ocean Conservation in Nicaragua”

12/17/09: “Maya Lin Unveils New Project in Copenhagen”

10/22/09: “Conservation Efforts in Nicaragua Shed Portable Light on the Nation’s Pacific Coast”

9/24/09: “California-based NGO Assists Central American Women with Projects To Reduce Climate Change”

10/9/08: “Nicaragua’s Land, Trees, and People” 

4/23/08: “Paso Pacifico Awarded Gold Rating for Innovative Reforestation Project in Nicaragua”

10/11/07: “UC Davis Spotlight: Eco Entrepreneur”

7/5/07: “Paso Pacifico and Develop Carbon Offset Project to Help Endangered Tropical Forests and Mitigate Climate Change”

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