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Marine Degradation

Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface area and provide much of the food, water, and oxygen humans and wildlife depend upon to survive. 

Yet wasteful use and poor management of natural resources, both on land and at sea, devastate sensitive marine ecosystems. Healthy beaches and waters are hard to find under the weight of marine litter.  Trash travels from inland to the coast and from beaches into oceans, choking marine ecosystems and endangering human health as well.  Broken glass and cans cut exposed feet, while discarded sanitary and chemical products introduce toxins and bacteria.  Marine wildlife often ingest or become tangled in man-made objects that have traveled down to the water, resulting in death or illness. 

Many Nicaraguans depend upon the health of these degraded coastal ecosystems.  Some family incomes rest upon a fruitful fishing season, while the booming surf community needs clean beaches and waters to enjoy a hazard-free day in the waves.  But, since improper disposal of trash on land ultimately pollutes beaches, coastal communities inherit a problem that often began much farther inland.  Thus, solutions must take a comprehensive approach, targeting the bad habits of both inland and coastal citizens.

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