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Environmental Leadership and Entrepreneurship for Geotourism

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With the technical assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank overall, and support from the local partners along the coast, we are working closely with existing female entrepreneurs in our network to support new women-owned enterprise.


Our Geotourism Leadership programs are designed to strengthen the competitive position of tourist destinations in Nicaragua and contribute to the conservation of biodversity in and around the la Flor Wildlife Refuge in Rivas. Indicators of success will include new local businesses, female ownership of geotourism enterprises, and the health of endangered sea turtle populations.

Program Components

Workshops for Natural Resource Management Strategies
Working with our network of park rangers, environmental authorities, municipalities, and landowners who have private reserves, we will provide technical assistance and strategic planning to improve environmental education and protections.

Empowering Enviropreneurs
We will provide skill-building and leadership workshops and business consulting to female-owned microenterprises and startups. We will also help provide marketing support and sponsor their participation in regional trade shows.

Supporting Ecotourism
We will help design products and services based on the region's biodiversity, including but not limited to sea turtle sightings, and provide training to help local entrepreneurs sucessfully establish themselves in the market.

Biodiversity Monitoring
Drawing from several years of biodiversity monitoring across the Paso del Istmo, we will establish baseline measurements, train community members to conduct continued monitoring, design and implement degradation reducation mechanisms, and continue our community outreach efforts to keep local stakeholders and decision-makers informed.

Sustainable Finance Mechanisms
Building on our successful incentive payments for conservation, we will conduct research to determine the most viable options for implementing further conservation finance mechanisms, including sea turtle credits and wetland carbon credits.


Building on our Coastal Entrepreneur Network and the ELLAS Intiative for Environmental Learning, Leadership, Adventure, and Stewardship, this program is designed to support community-based sustainable tourism and biodiversity management around the La Flor Wildlife Refuge in the Paso del Istmo.

The ELLAS Initiative won Ashoka's prestigious "Changemakers: Geotourism Challenge 2010" Award.

Geotourism is defined as tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.

Geotourism incorporates the concept of sustainable tourism—that destinations should remain unspoiled for future generations while allowing for ways to protect a place's character. Geotourism also takes a principle from its ecotourism cousin, that tourism revenue should promote conservation—and extends it to culture and history as well, that is, all distinctive assets of a place. 

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