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Conserving Coasts & Oceans

Oceans cover over 70% of Earth's surface area and provide much of the food, water, and oxygen humans and wildlife depend upon to survive.  (Read more about the need for ocean conservation).

While Paso Pacifico’s first conservation initiatives took root on land, our mission to conserve complete landscapes from ridge to reef has taken shape in recent years. As with our other programs, Paso Pacifico takes a holistic approach to ocean conservation. Our sea turtle program  gives coastal communities the economic incentive to protect rather than poach turtle eggs, while our environmental education program raises awareness among local school children and the surfer community about the importance of protecting our beaches and oceans. 

Paso Pacifico began coordinating Nicaragua's participation in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) in 2008.  Organized annually by the Ocean Conservancy, the International Coastal Cleanup unites thousands of volunteers in over 100 countries to pick up trash on their local beaches and watersheds. During annual cleanups, Paso Pacifico mobilizes over 6,000 men, women, and children to clean up 80 beaches in Nicaragua, removing over 332,924 pounds of trash—nearly twice as much as found in Mexico.  

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