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Paso Pacifico's Approach

Paso Pacifico is uniquely committed to meet the needs of public and private sector actors as well as biological corridors. We apply principles of ecology to ensure that our innovative programs integrate advances in scientific and economic understanding to ensure the viability of coastal forests and the livelihoods of the people who live in them.

Conflict Resolution 
Our community-based approach to conservation includes community events to build trust, direct payments for conservation which benefit individuals and communities as a whole, and conflict mediation through partnerships and alliances with community groups and leaders.

Ecological Integration
Taking our cue from nature, we apply principles of ecology and take a fully integrative approach to everything we do, seeking to understand the social, economic, and ecological causes of the environmental issues we address. Each of our programs, designed to have immediate and lasting effects, includes scientific monitoring, environmental education, and community outreach. Read more about our commitment to conservation.

Advancing Conservation Science
Paso Pacifico depends on the latest, most cutting edge conservation science to inform all of our decision-making. Dispatching scientists into the field to gather data, monitor wildlife, and establish a baseline to measure the work we undertake, our science-based monitoring gauges the effectiveness of reforestation projects, wildlife reserves, and marine protected areas. Sound methodology ensures that our research will advance scientific understanding in the international conservation community. 

Social Integration
Working directly with women helps address both short and long-term needs. Educating children builds a knowledge base for the future. Collaborating with communities raises awareness. Cooperating with local governments ensures their buy-in.

Economic Integration
Empowering community enterprise through technical capacity and marketing platforms helps locals stay competitive, maintain marine-based livelihoods, and avoid the desperate sales of traditional farmland. Outreach to businesses and private landowners ensures that economic interests are considered in everything we do. Resource sharing with local businesses helps them share local knowledge, hire expert consultants, and share information which helps them cut costs, minimize ecological impact, and attract clientele willing to pay top dollar for the ecotourism experience.

Unique Applications of Technology

  • Project Noah collaboration empowers locals and visiting tourists to become citizen scientists through crowdsourced biodiversity monitoring.
  • The Portable Light Project illuminates beaches with specially designed, turtle-safe, sustainable lighting, and extends the reading hours of people in their homes.
  • Camera traps provide evidence of locally endangered animals in the Paso del Istmo wildlife corridor. In the case of jaguars, camera traps also capture unique pelt markings which help wildlife biologists to identify individual members of the species.

Market-based Solutions
Our experience with ecosystem services allows us to respond to global demand for biodiversity conservation by establishing sea turtle credits on the open market. Education and seed funding has positioned communities to capitalize on the rising demand for tourism honoring cultural heritage and the environment.

Changing Hearts & Minds
Our work to form alliances, provide economic support, educate children, empower women, and host community events, combined with our proven track record of success ensures that current and future generations of Nicaraguans will appreciate and protect biodiversity. 

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