Our Mission

Our MissionWe aim to restore and protect the endangered dry tropical forest and coastal ecosystems of Mesoamerica's Pacific Slope.

Our innovative approach protects biodiversity where people already live. By working with local communities, landowners, and partner organizations, we restore and protect the habitats that form building blocks for wildlife corridors.

We began developing our first corridor in 2005 in Nicaragua’s Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor. By strengthening the Paso del Istmo and other corridors across a region-wide network, we will reconnect people and wildlife across western Mesoamerica.

Why Donate?

The problems are immense. Together, we can solve them. Your secure, tax-deductible donation will help make a significant difference in a highly vulnerable region: the Pacific Slope.

The Pacific Slope has unique habitats and dozens of threatened and endangered species. However, its widespread poverty, high population density, and severely fragmented landscape challenge normal conservation methods. Paso Pacífico's innovative programs connect people to their landscapes in ways that benefit people and nature alike.

By engaging local communities and scientific experts in every stage of our work, we develop and implement sustainable solutions that increase community well-being and economic power while reviving habitat. Our small overhead makes your donation go even further. Be part of the solution!
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  • Rebuild and Protect Wildlife HabitatWe empower local people to restore habitats and protect threatened wildlife. Together with communities, we are planting trees, protecting forests, and managing reefs.
  • Transform Human Lives with Face-to-Face OutreachResearch shows that personal interactions inspire behavior change. With your support, we give people tools and training to improve their livelihoods. We also work with children to build empathy towards nature.
  • Accomplish Lasting and Broad Change
    We make long-term improvements across the Pacific Slope by finding and addressing the root causes of environmental problems and working across social and ecological systems to solve them.

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